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The Culinary Cottage is a haven for food lovers and offers a selection of residential and one day cookery courses, catering for students of all abilities, from a Basics 5-day course to Dinner Parties made stressless and Student Survival to an advanced course for the more experienced, as well as specialist courses such as An Aga Can. 
A typical day starts with an informal breakfast, followed by advance preparation for the evening's dinner as well as making a light 2-course lunch for all to enjoy, over which the morning's activities are discussed and menus are planned. Tips and hints are provided throughout all sessions and students are provided with a comprehensive portfolio of recipes and menu suggestions at the end of each course. 
All courses are restricted to small numbers to ensure everyone becomes fully involved in all aspects of preparation, plus each student will be given a portfolio of recipes, menu ideas and hints and tips to take home.

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Courses start at 9am, but applicants are invited to joinus the evening before for an informal dinner and overnight stay in our stunning country countage. Open themed courses are designed for those requesting a specific style or method of cooking and discounts are available for block bookings.

Date Description Days
January 5th "A Tasting Time" One
January 6th "A Tasting Time" One
January 12th "Temptingly Thai" One
January 14th "Basics" Five
January 20th "Glorious Game" One
January 26th "Gentlemen Please" Two
February 4th "An Aga Can" One
February 8th "Mostly Morrocan" One
February 10th "Advanced" Five
February 16th "A Tasting Time" One
February 21st "Dinner Parties Made Stressless" Three
March 1st "Cakes & Bakes" Half
March 3rd "Basics" Five
March 9th "Curry & Spice" One
March 15th "Gentlemen Please" Two
March 21st "Intermediate" Three
March 26th "A Tasting Time" One
March 29th "Temptingly Thai" One
Date Description Days
March 29th "Temptingly Thai" One
March 30th "Entertain With Ease" One
April 5th Mediterranean Classics" One
April 6th "Mostly Morrocan" One
April 9th "A Tasting Time" One
April 22nd "Student Survival" Five
May 10th "Curry & Spice" One
May 12th "Advanced" Five
May 18th "Eating Alfresco" One
May 24th "Temptingly Thai" One
May 30th "Dinner Parties Made Stressless" Three
June 4th "Vegetarian Entertaining" Half
June 6th "Gentlemen Please" Two
June 9th "Basics" Five
June 15th "A Tasting Time" One
June 21st "Eating Alfresco" One
June 22nd "Mostly Morrocan" One
June 16th "Cakes & Bakes" Half


The Culinary Cottage
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